Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rebecca Danton - Top 10 Albums 2006

10. The Fratellis – Costello Music

Two words: ‘Chelsea Dagger’. Highlight: ‘Chelsea Dagger’.

9. Lily Allen – Alright Still

This is probably going to be next year’s Top Ten List regret, but it’s such a ‘2006’ album and she’s one of the few female singers who don’t leave me cold. Plus she makes up for The Streets’ shit new stuff. Highlight: Her voice - she sounds like a cross between an angelic choirgirl and a chavvy ‘Landan’ girl-next-door. Perfect.

8. Damien Rice – 9

To be fair, I haven’t given this sufficient listening time to strictly justify an entry, but in my opinion anyone who even has the guts to THINK about releasing a follow-up to the epic ‘0’ must be pretty amazing. I want to remove his vocal chords and put them in a safe place. Highlight: ‘9 Crimes’ - the combination of DR’s and Lisa Hannigan’s voices is so amazing it’s almost unbearable.

7. The Kooks – Inside In/Inside Out

I HATED this, and them, at first, believing they were whiney and over-hyped. But they grew and grew on me and, despite horrendous overplaying on Radio 1 and similar, I just love this more and more every day. Highlight: Joint between ‘Naïve’ and ‘She Moves In Her Own Way’.

6. Duke Special – Songs from the Deep Forest

I rediscovered him after a few years’ musical amnesia and kicked myself at what I almost missed. Almost poppy on this album, the delicateness of his voice remains, despite some of the darkness having been lifted. Still not Damien Rice, but he’s a damn sight easier to listen to. Highlight: His voice. It makes you want to wrap it in cotton wool and put it in a box for safe-keeping.

5. Basement Jaxx – Crazy Itch Radio

Classic Jaxx, in so much that - just like their back catalogue - there’s no surprises, no big musical departures. Highlight: The lyrics, which, as usual, sound like they were written in dedication to my last night on the tiles: “With a glass of bubbly and my brand new shoes. Found the restaurant on the internet - this Mexican place – but they haven’t finished it yet”…”He’s an M.I.N.G.E.R, minger minger!! Run for cover!!!” More style than substance, but I love it all the same.

4. My Chemical Romance – Black Parade

Yes, yes, emo again. This album - 2006’s ‘American Idiot’ - is such a grower I’m gonna have to get a separate mp3 player for it. Like all good music, the theme of death is coupled with theatrical undertones Andrew Lloyd Webber would be proud of. Highlight: All of it; like American Idiot, flicking through tracks doesn’t do it justice.

3. Panic! At The Disco – A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out

Are they or aren’t they emo? Who gives a f***k? Their jingly-jangly pop set to ridiculous lyrics even surpasses some of Hot Hot Heat’s offerings. Highlight: Song titles such as ‘Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off’.

2. Muse – Black Holes and Revelations

When I finally managed to listen to this with an open mind - rather than shouting Absolution song lyrics over the top - I forgave them for the poppy, synthetic single ‘Starlight’, realising that, much like Absolution, the whole is greater than the sum of parts. BH&R is a musical, lyrical, emotional masterpiece and an intergalactic journey through the mind of Matt Bellamy which is in turns frustrating, invigorating and just plain confusing. While missing some of the trademark riffs of earlier work, in so many ways I think this album is the one that finally sticks two fingers up to Radiohead comparisons. Highlight: The galloping, glorious, partially Queen-esque ‘Knights of Cydonia’.

1. Dirty Pretty Things – Waterloo To Anywhere

While not one to jump on the Pete Doherty-bashing bandwagon, this album proves his absence doesn’t spell destitution for the immensely talented Carl Barat, whose unwavering passion comes through in every single song on this emporium of gems. From the sweaty, angsty ‘Gin & Milk’ – ‘No-one gives a FUCK about the values that I’d die for…give them something to die for!’ to the beautiful ballad ‘BURMA’, Barat et al refuse to let their vigour compromise the production, unlike certain other ex-Libs. Highlight: ’Deadwood’ – The Barat at his fast and furious best.

Top 10 Songs

10. The Killers - When You Were Young

9. Lilly Allen - Smile

8. The Kooks - Naïve

7. The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way

6. Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

5. Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

4. Shakira & Wyclef Jean - Hips Don’t Lie

3. The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger

2. Dirty Pretty Things - Bang Bang You’re Dead

1. Dirty Pretty Things - Deadwood
As above in albums. If my faith in music ever dwindles, this is the sort of song that’ll put me back on track. Well-produced, tambourines, awesome lyrics, sung by the one of the sexiest, most passionate, best hat-wearing men on the planet.


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